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Christian KaiserChristian Kaiser  View Christian Kaiser's LinkedIn profile @chrisk0

I’ve been hacking on computers since when most other users had either pimples or beards. Enough time to learn this stuff from the ground up and from all kinds of angles. I like creating products that are audacious, but also elegant in their simplicity. When I’m not thinking about new ways to remove entropy from the universe, I’m probably covering ground on two wheels or spending time at home with my family.

Julie Pitt Julie Pitt  View Julie Pitt's LinkedIn profile @yakticus yakticus on GitHub

Once a hard core Math geek, I fell in love with Computer Science in college and never looked back. When I’m not tinkering with Scala, NodeJS or thinking about brains, I am often found playing with legos or using corporal cuddling to discipline my cat. In case you were wondering, he’s a good yodeler, too.